Welcome to Shop Margot

What makes you UNIQUELY you? 

At Shop Margot, we hand pick pieces that help you outwardly express who you are and connect with others through a small piece of jewelry. For me, I wear a charm necklace that has the birthstone of my son, my husband's initial, a beautiful flower, and the mountains, a paint brush, and sunshine to represent me! Why? Because, I’m a mom and a wife, flowers always make me happy, I grew up in the mountains and I love them, the sun gives my soul a pick me up, and painting soothes my anxious heart. This is my everyday charm necklace.

But, what if I want to change things up? I always keep the December birthstone and the W for my husband, but this time I put on a soda bottle, a green charm, and a sandal. Why? Because I love a cold fountain drink, green has become my new favorite color, and I hate wearing shoes so when I get the chance to wear sandals I take it. 

Now, this is just my story, what about yours?

Imagine you're standing in line at the grocery store and the cashier says, “I love your necklace, where did you get it?” instead of saying oh I got it at Target, or I found it online, you get to say I MADE THIS. The cashier may ask you about each charm and it gives you the opportunity to share YOUR story. Talk about what makes YOU unique, and ultimately, outwardly express who you are and connect with others – because really, we’re all a lot more alike than we think.

Shop Margot is a catalyst to conversation starters, an invitation to express yourself, and a place to find personalized jewelry and charm necklaces that are as unique as you are. We all know you're worth a million bucks but that doesn’t mean you need to spend that much to feel like it. At Shop Margot, we focuses on affordability without lacking quality. So, let’s build your dream charm necklace together!